Social and spiritual

October 24th 2015
It is rare for people to obtain an important position in society without having to prove their abilities, hence the reason for examinations and competitive examinations. If, despite the difficulties and the work to be put in, candidates are willing to make so much effort, it is because they know the advantages they will gain from moving up in the social hierarchy. They will be better paid while working less, and above all they will have more opportunities to act, to organize things and to control situations. But does anyone realize that there is an analogy here with what goes on in our inner life? Initiates and true disciples are aware that in the spiritual realm there are other juries and observers examining them, weighing them up and giving them qualifications. So, instead of seeking to compete with other people, that is where they focus all their efforts. The higher they go, the more possibilities and extensive powers heaven gives them. And the day they finally become fully master of themselves, they are able to command the forces of nature.