Improving their behaviour

Making people at least understand what would be best for them

October 26th 2015
Some people are prisoners of their lower nature to such a degree that no influence, not even that of a spiritual Master, has any effect on them. They will say, ‘I fully understand what you are telling me, I agree with you, I would like to change, but I can’t.’ They know perfectly well that their behaviour and their preferences are not so great, but if they don’t satisfy their needs they are miserable. They will of course be even more miserable later on, but that’s another story. It’s not a question of wanting to transform everyone, but it is important to show them that spiritual discipline and practice have a purpose. Even if, for some time, it remains a distant ideal for them, it is good that they know it. If the Christ were to appear in person, thousands of people would no doubt fall to their knees and praise him, but they would remain as they are, unable for now to change their behaviour. Even if your cat comes to you and miaows sweetly, there’s no point in trying to convert it to vegetarianism: it won’t stop chasing mice. But with certain ‘cats’ we come across in life, it is worth showing them that they could do better. One day, who knows when, they will understand.