Always the most important moment

October 29th 2015
Pay attention to the way you start your day. How many people get up making groaning noises or complaining! They should not be surprised if their whole day continues to unfold in the same way. And in the evening, when they go to bed, they are unable to fall asleep: they toss and turn, switch the light on and off and end up taking sleeping pills. They don’t think of preparing themselves for sleep before getting into bed. The end of a day, just like the beginning, is a sacred moment, because it precedes sleep, which is another activity that is so important for the psyche. So, learn how you must start your day if you want it to be productive, filled with the grace of God, grace that you will be able to give out to other beings around you. And also prepare yourself for sleep by asking to learn and work in the invisible world. For every action or undertaking, how you begin is of the utmost importance.