That we would move if we united our efforts

October 30th 2015
When Jesus says to his disciples, ‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there”, and it will move’, the mountain is symbolic. It represents the great difficulties in life that only faith enables humans to ‘move’, that is, to overcome or resolve. With faith, in one year, two years, ten years, stone by stone, they will be able to move mountains. They would like it to be faster, or even instantaneous, but that’s impossible – it will take a long time. There is nevertheless a way of speeding things up: ants are a good example. If ants are able to move veritable mountains of grains – in comparison to their small size they are mountains! – in such a short time, it is because they don’t work separately; there are masses of them uniting their efforts. What conclusion should we draw from this image? That when we are isolated, focused on ourselves, we never move mountains. If great things have been achieved over the course of history, it is because men and women have joined forces to work together. And what does ‘moving mountains’ mean for disciples of Christ? It means bringing down the obstacles that oppose the coming of the kingdom of God.