We can only see it in others if we know how to nurture it within ourselves

October 31st 2015
What is the point of preaching love for our fellow humans if we aren’t told what it is we should love in others? When we see how so many people behave in daily life, we may manage not to detest them, but we cannot love them; it’s useless even trying. When someone appears selfish, nasty and horrible, and you are told you have to love them, it’s impossible! So impossible, in fact, that not only will you not be able to do it, but in making the effort to love this monster, you will find them even more unbearable. To be able to love them, you need to project yourself beyond appearances and focus on the divine spark that dwells in all beings. At the moment, this spark is buried under layers of soot, but it is there. And because it is there, one day it will be able to manifest through them too. The problem is that we can only see the Divinity in others if we have first learned to nurture it within ourselves.