Angelic hierarchies

Their role in our spiritual work

November 1st 2015
Make a habit of thinking of the angels, the archangels and all the angelic hierarchies. Absorb their qualities, for this will make you feel more alive and filled with light and will bring greater richness to your inner world. But at the same time try to stay modest, knowing that many of these entities will still be out of your reach for a long time to come. Start by seeking to connect to the saints, initiates and great Masters, whose mission it is to take care of humans. You can later seek to contact the angels, for they are the closest to humans, and maybe even the archangels, but you won’t be able to go any further. There are countless worlds in infinite space, and the superior hierarchies have no contact with humans. It is good that you know that superior hierarchies exist, and you can even invoke them. But know that in order to obtain results through prayer and meditation, you must address entities closer to us.