Teaching, spiritual

Helps only those who are ready to receive it

June 26th 2011
A spiritual teaching can only help those who have already done a whole inner work of preparation. With others, it’s like explaining to a cat that it should stop eating mice. It listens, it goes ‘Miaow!’, meaning, ‘All right, I promise; I understand’. Then, suddenly, it hears a tiny sound somewhere – there’s a mouse going by. And what does the cat do? It turns its back on you and pounces on the mouse. And yet, it had listened to you carefully and even made a promise. Now it comes back, licking its chops, and again it goes ‘Miaow!’, meaning (literal translation) ‘I can’t help it; I need to eat mice; I can’t change my cat nature from one day to the next.’ So, as long as humans are cats, or animals of some kind or other, you can preach all you like, but there won’t be much point. Whereas, those who are ready hardly need to be told – they understand immediately and work for the good. So, before wanting to convince everyone around you of the truth of Initiatic Science, take a close look first at the people you are dealing with.