Instincts, bad

Living entities we can free ourselves from

November 8th 2015
Since no human being who has incarnated on earth is perfect, everyone is more or less obliged to feed their bad instincts, for these bad instincts are living entities dwelling within humans and needing food. And this applies to you too. But what is there to stop you from working secretly to free yourself? If you exert your will each day and if you use prayer and meditation to send messages to the friends in the invisible world, the time will eventually come when you can say to all your undesirable occupants, ‘Go away; this is the kingdom of God; there is no room for you here.’ These entities will of course rise up and threaten you, claiming that this is their home, but you will reply, ‘Yes, that was how it was in the first pages of the story, but since then, other pages have been written without your knowing, and many changes have been made. And now, God is my pastor, and he protects me.’ And even if they open their mouths and spit flames, these entities will no longer be able to frighten you, and finally you will drive them away.