Silence within

Its positive effects on ourselves and on others

November 15th 2015
There is no point in hoping for great spiritual realizations until you are able to interrupt the noisy, disorderly flow of your thoughts and feelings. The thoughts and feelings you do not master are what prevents you from reaching a state of true silence, a state that has a restorative, calming and harmonizing effect. Those who have been able to attain this silence impart a rhythm and grace imperceptibly to everything they do. Instead of creating a commotion when they move, touch objects or do their work, they become more attentive and delicate, as if everything in them was simply dance and music. This harmonious movement is transmitted to all the cells in their body, and not only is it beneficial for themselves, it also has a positive effect on all beings around them. In the presence of such people, others feel lighter, freer and brighter and then want to make the effort to recreate the sensations they felt in their presence.