Do not look for them with the intention of seeking glory

November 19th 2015
Never choose to walk a path because of the trials you will encounter, thinking that by doing so you will arouse the admiration of others and heaven’s approval. In Bulgaria, we have a proverb that says that even the Lord finds an over-zealous saint disagreeable. Yes, for that kind of zeal is suspect. There are beings whose nature drives them to sacrifice themselves for noble causes. They are drawn to this difficult path, almost despite themselves, by their ideal of generosity and selflessness. And it is this same ideal that allows them to never lose courage, but also to remain humble and full of love, however great and noble their actions. But you must realize that these beings are very rare. So beware of fanatics who seek the glory of martyrdom through insane undertakings. They should not think heaven will welcome them with open arms!