Inheritance, spiritual

We need to take it into account in order to progress

November 21st 2015
If past physicists, chemists and astronomers had not left us such a vast inheritance, what would present-day researchers be capable of? Imagine a chemist having to start by re-discovering the composition of water, a physics scientist the law of gravity, or an astronomer the law of universal gravitation... It is fortunate that we have received this inheritance in the physical and intellectual realms and recognized it as such, but we must not forget what we have received on a spiritual level. Where would we be without the inheritance left to us by initiates and great Masters? Those who think they need only rely on their own limited experience and their inadequate personal efforts will not get very far: they will soon realize how weak and ignorant they are. They would do better to be more modest from now on and to learn to rely on beings who are their superiors in terms of knowledge and light – the great Masters of truth. If they connect to them to receive their experience, they will discover the powers of the spirit.