Preparing the means to overcome them in advance

November 23rd 2015
At times we can all feel as if we are crossing a desert inside us: we no longer have the appetite or desire for anything, and everything has become dull, alien and empty. This is the worst state a human can find themselves in. It is not failure, illness or ruin that is the worst; it is being without love, enthusiasm, faith and losing the meaning of life. You should therefore think about preparing the elements you will need within, if you are to emerge unscathed from this desert of the soul. Every difficulty has its own solution. The solution might be to call on light, willpower, humility, purity or love... That is why, if you don’t want to find yourself completely destitute at times of trial, you should try not to neglect any of these strengths. Even if today you feel you are not lacking anything, this is no reason not to work to acquire the elements you will one day be sure to need.