Keeping silent

So as not to regret revealing certain things

June 28th 2011
How is it that so many things humans could have used for their own or others’ salvation they have in fact used for their downfall? There is only one answer – their lack of light, their greed, their self-importance. How many scientists have at times regretted revealing their discoveries, because they immediately fell into the hands of people who used them to harm their fellow creatures in some way, to dominate, exploit and destroy them. Initiates and spiritual Masters too always had to deal with this question, for they realized that the truths they revealed to people to help them could be misunderstood and misused and be the cause of their ruin. This is why, in the advice they gave – ‘Know, want, dare, be silent’ – the ‘be silent’ especially should not be overlooked. When humans are more evolved, everything can be revealed to them, but until then it is often best to keep silent and follow the advice Jesus gave, to not ‘throw your pearls before swine’.