Depends not on outside circumstances but on our correct understanding of things

December 1st 2015
Meeting the love of their life, having success, fortune and fame: this is how humans picture happiness, and they wait for these things to happen. If they take time in coming, some people go to consult astrologers, who tell them, ‘Yes of course, love will come, success will come... In six months’ time, in a year’s time, when a certain transit or a particular planetary conjunction occurs, you will meet someone and everything will come right.’ They are then reassured, and they continue to wait... Well no, happiness is not something we can just expect to come from the outside like that. Happiness is primarily a state of consciousness that depends on our correct understanding of things. We should not think that we have come to earth to have all our desires fulfilled. We are on earth to learn and to develop. So, how can we develop if we are not faced with new problems each day to solve? You should be very clear about this: earth is a school and, just like in all schools, only those who learn will progress and discover what true happiness is.