Never a good way to overcome difficulties

December 3rd 2015
Rushing is rarely a good way of going about things. That is why, when you find yourself wrestling with a difficulty or an enemy, do not be impatient and do not try to get rid of them brutally, for you may not come out of it unharmed physically or psychologically. If you have got yourself into a difficult situation, it is of course natural to wish to get out of it as soon as possible. But be careful; do not rush at it. You can no longer stand your work... or the person you live with..., or maybe you want to change your life. Of course that’s possible, but wait for the right time. Acting even just a day or an hour too soon may turn out to be an expensive mistake. Start by doing the groundwork and clearing the air, and that is something which needs to be done slowly and in secret, through reflection and prayer. Finally, one day, you find you have become free naturally, and then you see how much caution and preparation was needed.