Harm, the

You do to yourself you are also doing to the whole world

January 18th 2011
You find life difficult, and so it is, and that humans are often mean and ungrateful, which they are. But is that any reason for always feeling outraged, indignant and bitter? Do you not realize that, by having this attitude, you are actually harming yourself? Some will say they can’t stop themselves from feeling indignant at what they see in the world and that, if they are harming themselves, there is no need to blame them, since it is only themselves they are harming. Well, such reasoning shows they don’t understand things correctly. All humans are connected, and if you are sad, depressed and sombre, this is reflected onto those you spend time with. You may not wish to harm anyone, and on the face of it it’s true that you are not, and yet you are, because you are spreading negative waves and particles. You think you are separate from others, but you are mistaken: your thoughts and feelings affect your parents, your friends, even the animals, plants and objects around you. Those who do harm to themselves do harm to the whole world, so they are no more innocent than those they are so indignant about.