Does not affect those who seek spiritual wealth

December 5th 2015
Master Peter Deunov used to say, ‘If humans fall into pessimism, it’s because they do not know the direction to give to their movement.’ What type of direction was he talking about? Put simply, we can say that there are two directions: upwards, to the spiritual world, and downwards, to the material world. Both the material world and the spiritual world offer us their riches. In neither case are they easy to obtain, but, depending on which ones we seek, our experience of the difficulties will be different. If those who focus on material accomplishments, possessions, money, power and fame do not achieve their goals, they bitterly resent their failures. Those, on the other hand, who focus on achieving something spiritually always feel supported. By aspiring to a higher life, they are constantly weaving connections with the divine world, and these connections produce hidden vibrations in them. Even if they do not fully accomplish all they aspire to, these vibrations they feel in the deepest part of their being protect them by shielding them from discouragement.