Teaches us to serve god in all creatures

December 6th 2015
From the moment you sincerely decide to do God’s will, you come closer to him. And then, what does he tell you? ‘I am present in all creatures, and every time you bring them life, warmth and light, you serve me. Take the sun as your example.’ You must prepare for a long time to be able to serve God, for it is not easy to bring life, warmth and light to humans as the sun does. But easy or not, that is what we have to endeavour to do. How else do we think we will serve him? By trying to force all those we consider to be non-believers, infidels or heretics to convert or else persecuting them? Only those who seek to serve God in all human beings do his will. And so this leads them to enlarge the sphere of their concerns and activities, and they learn and become enriched.