Which we will become in the lord’s garden

December 10th 2015
There are so many events each day that can make your life heavy, gloomy and, above all, mundane! But you must not allow these events to influence you. There are so many possible ways to avoid becoming weighed down and gloomy! Just think about the magnificent garden of Paradise and say to yourself that you are a flower in that divine garden – a flower with magnificent colours and a delightful perfume. It cannot speak, sing, dance or play a musical instrument; it is simply there with its shapes, colours and perfume, and the greatest artists go into ecstasy before it... And then, if you know how to be like a flower, why would the heavenly spirits not also come to gaze at you in wonder ? They will say, ‘Oh! this sweet flower, how pretty it is!’ and they will bend down to you to add a few more subtleties to your colours and perfume. Is that not an image that can help you withstand heaviness and darkness and live a poetic life?