Involves working with memory

December 12th 2015
Initiation involves working with memory. In an initiatic school, the disciples’ activity has meaning only if they begin trying to remember the world of light they have come down from and to which they must one day return. Thanks to the truths and beneficial influences they receive, and with the help of entities in the invisible world, they are able to uncover the traces of this lost Paradise within themselves, and they experience this memory as the greatest blessing. They must also remember the suffering they have endured, together with the mistakes they have made and the debts incurred, for they must one day find all the beings they have wronged, make peace with them, repair all their wrongdoings and clear their karma. It is this task that awaits the disciple, the same task that awaits all human beings. Only those who have been able to correct their mistakes and repair the damage they have done are admitted once and for all to the assembly of the sons and daughters of God.