Commitment, spiritual

Necessary precautions for it to be beneficial

December 14th 2015
If you have decided to follow a spiritual teaching, do not go around telling everyone and trying to convince them. Try to deepen the truths you discover, apply them sensibly and leave other people alone. Such precaution is especially necessary in the beginning, because in the beginning we are neither solid nor well-armed within. It is already hard enough to understand what spirituality or religion is exactly, and in order to experience it in a deep and harmonious way, so much needs to be sorted out within oneself! Realize that how you solve this question will reveal the quality of your spiritual commitment. If, through excessive or fanatical behaviour, you cause others to become aggressive and to sink further into their material ways by being too eager to demonstrate your spirituality, you are to blame. Instead, try to be understanding and patient: not only will you succeed in getting them to accept your philosophy, but you may also persuade them to follow your example.