Medical treatment

Should take account of the whole body in order to be truly effective

December 15th 2015
Medical treatment that only treats the symptoms of an illness is not based on the best principles, because the rest of the body might be suffering from other problems or deficiencies, and the treatments given to one part of the body will not heal the whole body. For medical treatment to perfectly fulfil its role it must treat the person’s whole being, purify it and bring it into harmony with the universe so that each organ and each area of the body can benefit from the improvement. Whenever any problem arises in any area of the body, this should be an opportunity to look at the whole body and put everything right. If you take heed of this recommendation, not only will your current illnesses disappear, but so will any other irregularities that might still be lurking somewhere waiting for the right time to surface. It’s a good thing that the cardiologist takes care of the heart and the lung specialist the lungs and that the surgeon removes tumours, and so on. However, even when people are no longer really ill, they are not really healthy either, since their body is being repaired piecemeal. Medical treatment of the future will learn to work differently: one small irregularity will be an occasion to improve the state of the whole body.