The ability to stay open to life

December 17th 2015
Even when you reach the end of your life you can remain young, for you will have understood what life really is: perpetual change and adaptation. As spiritual science sees it, there is no such thing as young and old – there are only beings, whose task it is to work on themselves so as to maintain and intensify the life within them. No one must say, ‘The years have passed, I’m old now and can’t make any more effort’. Those who think their age justifies inertia reduce the number of days they have left for enjoying life, for they create an inner image of old age, and this image has a very negative impact on both their psychological and physical states. They should instead focus on youthfulness and always try to learn something new so as to stay open to life. That is what being youthful, being truly youthful, is. The physical body of course loses its vigour and stamina over the years, but even at the moment of death, a look or a smile can still express youthfulness.