Thanking heaven

A habit that enables us to overcome difficulties

December 20th 2015
Show gratitude every day for the life you have received from God, for this life enables you to discover so many treasures. Give thanks for the happiness you derive from having good health, a family, friends... Think too of all the unpleasant encounters and all the accidents that can happen during the course of a day and which you have avoided. When you get home safe and sound after a car journey, do you think to thank heaven? It can take very little sometimes for an accident to occur on the roads, and there are so many of them! When you say the words ‘thank you’, it is like a source of light, peace and joy springing from your soul. And this source pours into all your cells. Little by little, you feel something in you becoming more alive, stronger and brighter. This is why, when the day comes where you have to face great difficulties, not only will you not collapse, you will still be able to continue to give thanks. Don’t forget: the ability to give thanks during difficult times helps you to overcome them.