Archangel gabriel

Genetic heredity

December 22nd 2015
A seed planted in the ground contains the entire potential tree. No one can tell which part of the seed corresponds to the roots, the stem, even less the leaves, flowers or fruit, and yet they will all soon appear. The seed is influenced by the archangel Gabriel, who governs winter and whose task it is to condense and solidify elements. The seed is planted at the darkest and coldest time of the year, and Gabriel confers on it the memory of heredity, of the genes that preserve the plant’s characteristics from one year to the next. Archangel Gabriel gives the seed all the characteristics and properties of the plant it will grow into and condenses them into this tiny body, which then contains an entire future in potential. He plays this same role with the semen of animals and humans too. Each generation stores its own characteristics in its chromosomes, and this memory cannot be lost.