Commitment, spiritual

Never giving up, despite inevitable discouragement

December 27th 2015
Even if you are totally convinced of the validity of your spiritual commitment, you sometimes feel tired and fed up, to the point where you begin to have doubts. You ask yourself whether all the efforts you make on the path to go beyond yourself are truly worthwhile, and you’re tempted to abandon everything. Well, that’s exactly when you should be vigilant. Even more importantly, try to imagine the disappointment you can expect if you turn back. Say to yourself, ‘All right, I’m a little tired right now, I don’t really feel like continuing, but this will soon pass, and in the meantime I must not give up.’  Look at nature: spring is followed by summer, then autumn and then winter, and then after winter it’s spring again. Human beings also have cycles and seasons. Let this winter phase pass, and tell yourself that things will get better after that. Think about it like that. Never give up on the path of light; you are bound to regret it one day, and then it will be far more difficult to find it again.