That we share will one day come back to us

December 28th 2015
The universal Soul sustains life in all creatures; it feeds and waters them, and they constantly receive something of this abundance. So why not take our inspiration from this generosity and do our best to share everything we have – our beauty, intelligence, wealth, artistic talent, knowledge – with others. Never forget that there is a connection between this world and the world above: when you do something down here on earth, you provoke something identical above, in heaven. In one way or another, what you give will one day come back to you, whereas everything you keep for yourself is partly lost – you will not benefit from it as much as if you gave it away. When you feel joy and love, entrust these too to the Lord and the divine Mother, so that they can use these energies for the benefit of other creatures. In this way your joy and love will be preserved.