Incarnation, the next

Preparing for it

July 2nd 2011
Anyone wishing to progress on the path of evolution must give priority to the spirit, to light. But in order to do so, they have to at least feel they need to. Unfortunately you cannot conjure up the need; you are either born with it or not, depending on the life you led in other incarnations. If a being comes into the world with a taste for spirituality, it will take very little, just a book or a few words, to provide an unstoppable impulse. Whereas, for a different person, even if the greatest initiates are there to give them explanations and advice, it won’t make any difference. As long as they harbour tendencies that take them in quite a different direction, that is where they will go. So that you can enter your next incarnation with this need to live the life of the spirit, you should, as from today, at least make an effort to understand the benefits of doing so. Even if you do not have much of a taste for it, begin to prepare the ground. When you come back, your work will be easier, because you will already have sown a few seeds.