Its superiority over materialism: carry all your wealth with you

January 7th 2016
What is the difference between a materialist and a spiritual person? Using a very simple image, I would say that spiritual people carry their house around with them, while materialists cannot move theirs. Yes, spiritual people, whose true riches are inner ones, always take their treasures of light, peace and joy with them. Materialists, on the other hand, cannot come and go with all their possessions: they must leave most behind. In reality, human beings are rich only if they are aware of being so. If a spiritual person is not truly aware of their wealth, they are poorer than all the materialists. But if they learn to expand their consciousness, they feel connected to all the evolved souls in the universe who inspire them, share their science and provide their protection. What material wealth can compare? Even gemstones and diamonds pale alongside the sparkle of all these inner treasures.