Precondition: you have to work on yourself

July 4th 2011
Any number of people think they have a vocation as an artist! More and more poets are appearing, more and more painters, sculptors, singers, musicians, dancers, and so on. But do they have a high ideal? Have they worked on themselves? They haven’t? Then they will not produce anything amazing. Sculptors who have not begun by sculpting themselves are not true sculptors. Painters who have not worked on the colours of their aura are not painters. Musicians who have never thought of tuning their mind, heart and will together do not yet know harmony. True art consists, first and foremost, in being an artist in one’s thoughts, feelings, gestures, words and expressions. Every day, exhibitions, concerts and ballets are presented before the angels. They are always watching us, listening to us… Why then do so many people insist on attracting spectators, listeners and readers? If they do not succeed, they suffer, they make themselves ill, when every day there is a public of angels waiting for a chance to admire their works.