Cells in our body

A multitude of small intelligent souls

January 25th 2016
Our physical body is composed of countless cells, and each cell is a living entity, a very clever little soul who knows how to breathe, eat, eliminate... Look at how the cells of the stomach, the liver, the sexual organs, the heart and brain work - each one is a specialist. And our intelligence is the sum of the intelligences of all these little living beings: we depend on them and they depend on us, we are one. Human beings can do nothing without the consent of their cells. The moment their cells stop working and stop contributing to the efficient running of their body, they are no longer able to breathe, to be nourished, to move or think. And protesting won’t make any difference. So they must understand they are the synthesis of all these minute intelligent souls within, and that, every day, they should take good care of them.