Master, a spiritual

Prepares his disciples for their divine parents

January 31st 2016
We must have confidence in the initiates, the great masters, all these beings who have advanced further along the path of evolution than we have, for we need their instructions and guidance. We should not be afraid that they will abuse their authority by taking away our freedom, because they have no wish to hold onto us for themselves. Their only aim is to put us in contact with a world which we could not readily access on our own. Currents of pure energy circulate through them, they are like springs from which we can quench our thirst until we are able to drink directly from the cosmic source. Good parents know that after having educated their children and brought them up, they must give them their freedom and not remain attached to them. Similarly, a spiritual master knows they have to prepare their disciples for their divine parents, that is to say, for the true parents of their soul and spirit: the Universal Soul and Cosmic Spirit.