Fraternal attitude

Enriches your life through the lives of others

February 1st 2016
In your relationships with your family and friends, always seek life, the life that will enrich and embellish each and every one of you. To do so you must be neither negligent nor lazy, but agree to do some exercises. What are these exercises? Daily life affords you every opportunity to be annoyed by the behaviour of someone or other. And the slightest annoyance or hurtful word assumes gigantic proportions and you have difficulty forgetting them. Yet you scarcely notice when people are kind and friendly to you. You see all gestures of friendship and love as your due and immediately forget them. But it is precisely these that you must not forget! On the contrary, you must enhance everything positive by linking it not only with all the good that has ever come your way from others, but also with all the good that exists in the world. True brotherhood begins when you understand how to enrich your life through the lives of others.