Ask yourself if they are well-founded

February 2nd 2016
Some people proudly state, ‘I have the courage of my convictions and I will never change my mind, I will go to all ends to stand by them.’ And it is true; we see them battling courageously against those who hold different opinions. We cannot reproach people for having convictions, but occasionally they should ask themselves how valid they are and whether they would do well to revise them. From wisdom’s perspective, the attitude of certain people with ‘conviction’ is rather one of pride, stubbornness or foolishness. And the consequences – fanaticism and cruelty – can be terrible. Being convinced is not a justification in itself, it does not prevent anyone from making the worst mistakes. The fact that we are convinced does not turn an erroneous opinion into the truth. ‘Well then,’ you will say, ‘how can we know whether our convictions are valid?’ If they make you a better person, more lucid, more patient, more generous, and more understanding of others, keep them. But if this is not the case, you have nothing to be proud of, and you should undertake some serious revisions.