The dangers of wishing to dominate it

February 4th 2016
Throughout the course of history, humans have become more and more successful at dominating nature. Of course, nature is patient, but, when it feels that humans persist in upsetting the order that governs it, it retaliates, and this retaliation affects them not only in their surrounding environment, but also within themselves. They believe they are free to abuse nature in all manner of ways, with no fear of consequences. But they cannot foresee that the very disorders they are creating in nature they are also creating in their own physical and mental bodies. Why are they unable to get along with each other, why are they always in conflict? Once again, this is because they don’t respect the order that the creator has established in nature and in their own being. Those who have learnt to be in harmony with the order intended by the Creator do not dominate nature, nor do they dominate humans. They do not impose their will on others, and they do not attempt to win them over for their own personal advantage. On the contrary, as far as possible, they try to serve them.