At times of fatigue and discouragement, it must assert itself over feeling

February 8th 2016
Feeling is one thing and thinking another, but too often feeling colours thinking. Say you are feeling exhausted – which can happen – and this feeling triggers thoughts and feelings of discouragement, sadness or despair. Well, no, at such times, your thinking must influence your feeling: even if it is unable to quell it, it must be present like a light, like a beacon in the distance. Your thinking tells you that you can get back on your feet; then, despite your weariness and exhaustion, that is what you must believe, and not your feelings. So, there’s not a drop of energy left in your tank? Remember that the cosmic tank is full, and this is where you should draw your energy from in your thoughts. For thinking is also used for this purpose: just a few drops from this reservoir of energy, and the flame of your nightlight, which was about to go out, is shining brightly again.