Chew it well before swallowing

February 9th 2016
Even nutritionists fail to place sufficient emphasis on the importance of chewing our food. The mouth is like a little kitchen, and before sending food on to the stomach, we have to prepare it a little in this kitchen. We have to see that it is cooked and seasoned with a bit of oil, with saliva in other words, and there are certain glands in charge of this work. So it is advisable to chew your food until it becomes almost liquid. If you swallow it without chewing it sufficiently, the stomach which receives and transforms it has to provide additional energy. Eating should invigorate us. So then why do some people feel tired after a meal? Because they eat incorrectly. When you swallow food without first chewing it well, it is difficult to digest, and because your body has a good deal of trouble assimilating it, fatigue inevitably follows.