Hands, our

Imbue objects with our emanations

February 16th 2016
You leave traces of what you are, on everything you touch. And the fact that someone’s identity can be discovered by means of their fingerprints and that no two prints in the whole world are alike, goes to prove that the hand can express a person’s unique character. Everything that passes through your hands becomes imbued with your fluids, your emanations, and transmits something of the quintessence of your being. When you give someone a gift, you are already communicating something of yourself by means of this object. And if you live a disorderly life, the object is going to pass on the negative waves you have unknowingly introduced into it. Even if the object you are offering is magnificent and expensive, the person who receives it will not benefit from it. So, you yourself are more important than the object you give; be very aware of that.