Magical, the

Is more real than reality

February 18th 2016
The human soul has a need for the magical, and what we call the ‘unreal’ is in fact more real than what we usually consider to be reality. Many people will accept, if they’re honest, that fairytales send them into raptures, for a brief moment at least. Why? Because everything in the tales is not only alive but animated and endowed with speech: rocks, flowers, trees, animals… And the forces of nature often act in them with wisdom and even sometimes with love. But above all, over and above the apparent naivety of these tales, they portray the very realities of our inner life. When, in certain very particular circumstances, something subtle, unreal and magical bursts into our life, we feel like a tree having once been torn from the ground and transplanted somewhere in a hostile environment, that now suddenly rediscovers its native forest, where it can once more take root and live again.