Solar religion

Will bring about the kingdom of god

February 22nd 2016
At the heart of our inner life, at the centre of our thoughts, we must place this universal principle which is the source of all religions – the sun – and immerse ourselves in the example it gives us each day. To bring light, warmth and life to all creatures without exception – this is the solar religion. Even before human beings appeared on earth, the sun was there, and it has been saying to them ever since, ‘Expand your consciousness, free yourselves from your narrow conceptions and do as I do: illuminate, warm, vivify and embrace the entire world with your intelligence and your love.’ The only true religion is the solar religion, which teaches us to become filled with light, warm and life-giving. It teaches us to work to acquire the wisdom which clarifies and solves problems; the disinterested love which embellishes, encourages and consoles; and the subtle, spiritual life which renders us active, dynamic and bold so that we may bring about the Kingdom of God and his Justice on earth. Anyone who tries to go against it only diminishes and obscures their own inner life.