Principle, divine

Submitting to its rules so it can come and manifest in us

July 7th 2011
Do your best not to let a single day go by without concentrating on the divine Principle so as to draw it to you, and do not relax your effort until you feel it has made its home in you. Actually, the divine Principle is already within you. It is part of the essence of your being, but there are walls and more walls separating you from it – layers of dross you yourself have formed with your selfish, disordered thoughts and feelings. All these layers of dross are so many obstacles preventing God’s love and blessings from reaching your consciousness and preventing your consciousness from rising up to him. Jesus said in the Gospels, ‘Those who keep my commandments, my Father and I will abide in them.’ It is only when you decide to submit to the rules of the divine Principle and act according to its will that you will feel it living and expressing itself within you.