Body, our

Has a language for expressing our inner world

February 24th 2016
Human beings do not express themselves through words alone. For those who know how to interpret facial expressions and physical movements, these signs are a clear and eloquent language. They are like messages constantly sent out to the inhabitants of the visible and invisible worlds, like secret signs allowing people to make contact with them. The spoken word is a language that can be mastered: you can decide to speak or not to speak, and if you speak you can hide your true thoughts and feelings. But all the unconscious gestures you make with your hands or your feet, the different positions your body takes, the imperceptible movements of different parts of your face (forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), are almost uncontrollable. Through them you express the truth of your being. And depending whether or not these movements are harmonious, you will come into contact with entities that have a beneficial or harmful influence on you. So, be careful; know that your slightest inner movement invites invisible beings, and that with them you are building your future.