Nature’s lesson

February 27th 2016
What is our body? It is a collection of elements which were first found in earth, water, air and fire. They once formed the matter of other bodies which decomposed over time. When we eat fruit or vegetables, we say, ‘This is a pear or a watermelon, and that is a lettuce or a cucumber.’ It is true but, before they existed in these forms and these colours, to how many other animate and inanimate forms these elements belonged, and in how many other colours! Since the beginning of time, minerals, vegetables, animals and human beings have been composed of these same elements. When these forms disintegrate over time or by accident, they return to nature’s vast workshops to be transformed, but the elements of which they are composed remain forever new, pure and unblemished. It matters little that all living forms wear out, go mouldy, rot and turn to dust. Nature takes them back into her workshops and returns them as fresh food for all living beings, or uses them to build new bodies for all creatures. It is she who teaches us about the law of recycling.