Summits of mountains

Connect earth and heaven

March 3rd 2016
The summits of mountains could be said to play the role of antennae in that they pick up currents from space: they connect heaven and earth. When the snow and ice begin to melt, the water circulating on the surface of the earth and also soaking into the ground and passing through the various geological layers, is impregnated with these heavenly fluids, currents of pure energy. Nature spirits, who are attracted to these energies, often visit the summits of mountains; they bathe in them, seeking strength and rejuvenation, and then leave to continue their work throughout the world. Summits are akin to mouths, absorbing and transforming cosmic forces; rivers and streams are the paths of communication that link them with the plains and valleys. When you look at a mountain, therefore, do so in the full realization that it is a transformer of cosmic energy. Think also that all the waters that flow from it are impregnated with this life, and that with this life they will then imbue the various realms of nature.