Expression of love

July 8th 2011
To be cheerful you have to be free, and to be free you have to stop carrying more and more weight on your shoulders. Cheerfulness is associated with the idea of lightness. And what makes us light? Love. Love warms and expands our heart, and then we become as light as a balloon rising into the atmosphere, in other words, cheerful, joyful. Cheerfulness is one of the most poetic expressions of love. When you love someone, just hearing their name or seeing them from afar is enough to make you cheerful and make your soul sing. You will say that if the person you love does not love you, seeing them from afar or hearing their name can only make you suffer. True, but that is because the love you feel for them is not yet real love. Real love is enough in itself; it expects nothing. And as it expects nothing, it gives you everything.