Mission of every human being

One day to reach the perfection of their heavenly father

March 7th 2016
It is amazing the number of people who think they have been entrusted with a grandiose mission. As far as they are concerned, God chose them to save their country, or even the whole world, to fight heretics, and so on. Yes, while for imaginary tasks many people are willing, unfortunately for their true mission there are far fewer candidates. You ask, ‘And what is this true mission?’ The one that Jesus gave to all human beings when he said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ Yes, it is not only Christians, but all men and women on earth who have this mission to accomplish: working on themselves with the eventual goal – the perfection of their heavenly Father – clearly in view. It is also a grand mission, but one that needs to be undertaken with great modesty. For they will clearly not achieve this in one lifetime, and they will have to reincarnate to continue the work. The Kingdom of God will in this way, one day arrive on earth thanks to the continual, patient work that all human beings will decide to undertake, and not by the actions of a few who imagine that heaven has given them a special mission.