Is acquired through inner work of unification

March 10th 2016
One must start with work on oneself before trying to exert authority over others. When someone has worked first on their own children – in other words, on their cells – and then has to educate children outside themself or exercise responsibilities which entail authority over adults, their words and gestures make an impression because they are convincing. Those they teach, educate or direct, feel they are not merely playing a role but speaking and acting from their whole being. This is why their presence is magical and they achieve results. All the inhabitants within them give them support and strength, because such a person is fully dedicated to one end: working for the good and for the light. People have true authority only when all of their cells emanate something harmonious and unified. Otherwise, their words may say one thing, but the rest of them shouts the opposite, this is felt by others and they cannot be taken seriously.