To the invisible world: on what conditions this attitude is not dangerous

January 19th 2011
Because they are able to be receptive, human beings can become messengers for the invisible. But those who become too receptive are like sponges – they absorb everything, good and bad alike. So you must be careful. Far too many people, when they think of the invisible world, tend to imagine it inhabited only by luminous, beneficial spirits. Not so – in the same way that the earth is not inhabited only by good people, the invisible world is also inhabited by harmful entities, which are often hostile to humans and take pleasure in leading them astray or persecuting them. And so, you must not adopt an attitude of total receptivity toward the invisible world; as long as you have not carried out the prior work of purification and inner elevation that will allow you to resist the attacks of dark forces, you must know how to be vigilant and active.