Open yourself as it approaches

March 18th 2016
As spring approaches, you feel a whole awakening of life: flowers, trees, birds... In nature, a new wave is breaking. It is one of the most extraordinary phenomena; renewal. Each year everything is renewed... except human beings! Human beings remain the same, they do not think of joining in unison with this renewal – it is as if they are barricaded. Why don’t they make an effort to open themselves, to open their doors and windows so that life can penetrate, permeate them? Some will say, ‘But for us, it’s over, we’re old. Spring is for the young.’ Following this reasoning, they cut themselves off from the source of life and they age more and more quickly. We must all participate in the renewal, there is no distinction between young and old. Have you heard old trees say, ‘Oh! us, you know, we have already passed the age of budding and flowering, we now leave that to the young’? No, in spring they are also covered in leaves and flowers. So even old grandmothers, even old grandfathers should enter the round of spring, trotting, jumping, dancing – at least symbolically – and they will feel better.