Spiritual practice

Will not free you from all ills

March 19th 2016
Many disappointments await those who expect spiritual practice to rapidly free them from all ills. They’re on the right path, but being on the right path does not mean they have arrived at their destination. On one hand, it is true that certain kinds of suffering will gradually disappear as they purify themselves and live in harmony with the world of light. But, on the other hand, that does not mean the consequences of transgressions they have already committed in this life or previous lives will all be erased in one go. They must not be surprised if certain types of suffering refuse to leave them, in spite of the new direction they have taken. To simplify things, we can say our good actions accumulate in one reservoir and our bad actions in another: we must be penalized for our bad actions, and we are rewarded for our good actions. So, whatever our current direction, we experience events and psychic or physical states that are the distant or not so distant consequences of our past behaviour.